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6-03-2019 • Summer Travel--Made Cheaper

Memorial Day weekend always marks the unofficial start of summer. For some, summer means vacations. But for a few, cost can be a deterrent to traveling. It doesn’t have to be that way.

First, establish a vacation budget. Make sure to include transportation costs, hotel stays, and any attractions you’re likely to visit. Once you have that figured out, you’ll have a realistic cost for your vacation and can save up for it. Some financial institutions, including credit unions, have special savings funds that can help you with this.

Other tips:

Book your hotel early. It might be too late for this summer, but for next summer, consider booking earlier—like two to three months in advance. You’re likely to find great deals that could save you money. If you’re still interested in traveling this summer, consider Airbnb or even a hostel to save on costs.

Go on an off-season vacay. If you can get away from November through March, that’s a good time to visit Europe when tourism is at its lightest. It’s also a time where you can save up to 50 percent on accommodations and transportation. Want to visit the Caribbean? Go between May and November.

Be flexible. Fly out on a Tuesday or arrive home on a Thursday. Weekday departures and arrivals are less expensive than going on a weekend.

Avoid tourist traps. Find a lesser-known town or city in a popular state or country. They’re often just as wonderful—but less expensive and crowded.