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11-17-2017 • Four Ways to Celebrate "Use Less Stuff Day"

The Thursday before Thanksgiving is traditionally known as “Use Less Stuff Day”. The holiday was created as a response to the large amount of trash generated from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. Some estimates show trash production in the U.S. increases by 25 percent during this time.

Here are four ways to celebrate a day that calls for reducing waste.

Give gifts of experiences. Buy family members and friends tickets to the movies, plays, or concerts. You could also consider gifting them a gift card to a class or lessons they would like to take, such as a dance class or photography lessons.

Use “green” wrapping. If you do decide to buy physical gifts instead, consider using re-usable or biodegradable wrapping at least.

Donate. Donate. Donate. You could consider donating to your friend’s or family member’s favorite charity. There is no waste while helping those in need. Got any unwanted gifts during the holidays or for your birthday? Consider re-gifting it—just make sure the recipient is not at all related to the person who gave it to you—don’t want to make things awkward!) You also could donate it to charity.

Contribute to your local food bank. If you have leftover non-perishables or packaged foods that didn’t make it to the table of your holiday dinner, consider donating it to a local food bank. You don’t create unnecessary waste, and at the same time, help families who can’t afford it, have a great holiday feast.