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10-26-2017 • Importance of Cybersecurity Awareness

With October being Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we at We Own Our Bank thought we would give you a few tips and resources to protect yourself and your family.

Proper Password Use—This is one of the best tools in protecting yourself from thieves. A strong password is important. Cybersecurity experts say a good password is longer (which makes it hard to crack); avoids names or places; and mixes it up by using capital letters, numbers, and special characters. Some suggest making a sentence or phrase your password. One thing of note: don’t write down your passwords anywhere. That is common sense advice but one hard to do since we have so many passwords to remember. Like everything else, there’s an app for that, or several of them actually, such as LastPass, KeePass, and 1Password. Find something that works for you.

Social Media Safety—Limit the amount of personal information you post on social media, including forums and chat sites. Especially for those who have grown up with the medium, it can be easy to share many details of your personal life on posts. Think before you do so though—cybercriminals can use that information to steal valuable data.

Stay Safe Online—Never open up email or attachments from someone you don’t know. Cyberthieves like to use emails, social media posts, and online advertising to steal personal information.

Be Wary of Free Wi-Fi Spots—While it’s convenient to browse on your phone or tablet at coffeeshops or restaurant, they’re not private. So these are not safe places for you to take advantage of that great shopping deal or look up your checking account.