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09-15-2017 • Improve Your Life

September is Self-Improvement Month. Below are four tips to help you to improve your life—physically, emotionally, career-wise, and, of course, financially. Here’s to a better you!

Be Healthier. This is a great time to review your health and see if you can make any changes to improve your well-being. And it doesn’t have to be a large-scale change. Baby steps can help just as much. For example, many people don’t eat enough vegetables or fruits. I know we don’t. So commit yourself to eating one vegetable or fruit a day—to start with. Or consider doing something active on a morning, afternoon, or lunch break. It can be as simple as walking around your work building.

Adjust Goals. Again, this is a great time to look at your goals or even your New Year’s resolutions. What have you done about them? If nothing, then perhaps it’s time for a reboot. Consider going to co-workers or friends for an unbiased opinion on how to reshape a goal you have. It might just be the kick-start you need to get back on the road to accomplishing your goal.

Balance. Finding balance within your workday makes you happier and can help your job performance. Are you working too many hours and finding yourself getting burnt out? Try to strike that balance between getting your work done and being able to enjoy your down time. This might involve delegating and moving around priorities, but the more satisfied you are as a person, the better you will be as an employee, too.

Pay Yourself First. If you’ve never done this, maybe now is the time to start! There are a few ways to go about this. One relatively painless way: paying more into your 401(k) plan. This helps to reduce taxable income while adding to your retirement fund. Another way is to automate your savings. You can have your credit union or financial institution put away a set amount from your paycheck. You can’t spend it if you don’t see it, right?! And it doesn’t it have to be much; $20 is a great start. After a while, you can have a great emergency reserve or a special fund for that dream vacation.